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What is Personal Brand Photography?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Personal Brand Photography is a mixture of photojournalism, lifestyle and portraiture created to communicate your personal brand and help you make a meaningful connection with your audience. The pictures are personalized for you: showing your character, your environment, and what it is like to work with you.

What do I do with my photos from my session?

Use the photos on your website

on your social media profiles

in your email marketing

on sales and landing pages

in your email signature

in press releases

on other marketing materials

Reb Godin, Local Artist

Connect With Your Audience

Audiences are attracted to authentic people who share their heart on their sleeves.

What makes your brand unique and authentic?

On average people spend between 1-3 hours a day on Instagram.

You need to share who you are and how your brand can make a person's life better. 66% of people plan their Instagram feeds in advance so their posts are consistent. Try Tailwind App for scheduling IG and Pinterest posts.

Instagram user polls shows that people get more likes and follows when they post pictures of themselves! I tried it, it's true! But when I posted pics of my hubby they got way more likes! LOL

Working with Meagan

Before my personal brand photography sessions, I find out who you are as a person and entrepreneur. You tell me all about your business and I start imaging what images would tell your story best.

Along the way, I help you look your best with style advice, location and prop planning, and a collaborative Pinterest board to catch your vision. I will create a Photo Styling Guide for our shoot that lays out all the details so we are super efficient and get as many photos as we can!

My goal is to set you up with visually appealing images that set you apart as an expert in your field.

Our relationship is long term and allows for you to have consistent high quality images to keep your audience engaged and converting! Let's talk!

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