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Architecture Photography

My goal is to express the uniqueness of each exclusive property that I photograph. Through my lens, spaces come to life, revealing their charm, elegance, and distinctive character.


With a deep understanding of architectural elements and an acute attention to detail, my images capture the interplay of light, space, and design in each photograph.


I take great pride in producing the most elegant photographs to document the feeling each space creates. Beautiful landscapes are my favorite to photograph for destination vacation rentals.

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Meagan Stone Photography

Real Estate

You know that many buyers start searching for new homes online.

Mesmerizing, high-quality photos attract more potential buyers, resulting in more interest, more offers, and quicker closings.

In a market with low inventory, an agent who showcases their listings with professional imagery attracts potential sellers who want to use their services because of their professionalism. These agents also attract owners of more elegant properties, leading to bigger commissions, more so than those who use poorly-shot pictures. Schedule a photo shoot with me and see the difference great photography can make.

Vacation Rentals

Since travelers can’t visit your rental before booking, your online presentation is essential to your success. Sure, your location, amenities and reviews are very important. But in a competitive market you need to give your potential guests every reason to stop searching and to book with you. Vivid, high-quality photos can give you that competitive edge. As a mom of 4 boys, I offer a 2D floor plan to let moms figure out how it will all play out before they visit!

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Commercial Photography & Video


Knock their socks off with these extras!