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Baton Rouge Personal Branding Photo Shoot Locations

I have done branding photo shoots at locations all over Baton Rouge. I will tell you about the pros of each location and share some examples! Along the way, think of this as inspiration for YOUR brand photo session and what you prefer your overall brand esthetic to look and feel like.

Let's start with your personal work space. Do you work from home, an office, on site with clients, inside vs. outside?

If you want your clients and followers to see the authentic you, there is no need to do anything different! Just let me know up and take pictures of you where you work.

This video is on April's homepage and walks her new clients through her process for dog grooming. We held the photo shoot on location for this pups groom to be comfortable and peaceful because that is what April advertises - a holistic grooming experience for anxious dogs. Have a dog? She's AMAZING! Book her here: d'Estes Pet Grooming

Lifestyle bloggers,artists, and Influencers use their home and everyday places they frequent to represent their brand.

I love to use Perkins Rowe for branding shoots with Influencers and women who want to look casual. There is a huge variety to capture different looks all in one location. You can be in an eatery, walking the shops, outside in the quad, sitting on a bench, up against an awesome vintage door, on a staircase, in an alley or parking lot, browsing the bookstores, you name it!

Working in your office space is great but if you want a variety of images for the long haul we will have to travel and adds time to your session. Unless you work downtown, then we can use the surrounding area for a great urban vibe.

My ULTIMATE FAVORITE LOCATION for brand photography is renting an air b&b!!!!

I have had several clients do this and the images are exactly what they were planning on: brand color, esthetic, variety of spaces and looks, and let's not forget the most important consideration - a bathroom and changing area!

You can get images that represent all parts of your day from the time you wake-up in a robe to the time you soak in the tub with your wine glass before bed. This is my latest shoot with a health and wellness coach and her images turned out AMAZING!!!!

Now that you're drooling over awesome branding images that have brought you MUCH inspiration - email me to book your session

Your assignment after you send me an email is to follow my Pinterest page for TONS of entrepreneur marketing tips and branding resources to grow your business.

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