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Meagan Stone, brand photographer


You know that your plate-juggling business goals mixed with family responsibilities leave you with scrambled egg brains – despite the lovely leather planner.


Well, you are in just the right place!


That’s where I come in.


Baton Rouge brand photographer, extraordinaire!


I’m Meagan, and I specialize in brand photography for entrepreneurs with small businesses who want professional images that build trust in their brand. I’m your go to branding strategist with resources coming out of my ears to share with you.


Your branding images will knock your socks off and leave you glowing with confidence as you present your best self to your growing brand community.

You’re a passionate entrepreneur,

I help you plan your visual story defining your brand and make your photo session a walk in the park.

And then we do it again a few months down the road because you had so much fun and you have proof in the pudding that the value of personal brand photography is actually priceless.

I'd love to hear from you!

Meagan Stone Brand Photographer
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Thanks! Can't wait to meet you!

Meagan Stone Brand Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Fom
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Photographer for....


What if I don't know anything about personal branding and have never had a photo shoot before!?!

I've got you covered! I am a micro manager and will make sure you are fully prepared with checklists, brand colors, outfits, hair & make-up, props and anything else you need to have amazing images of you doing your thing!!

How much Does This Cost?

Most new clients need the two hour package to get started and have enough images to last 3-6 months. 

You can see my pricing guide here.

I offer custom quotes for companies requiring commercial work: head shots, product photography, and more.


We will discuss your project and develop a plan to get the exact images you need for marketing.

Starting Up

I'm just building my personal brand and need a lot of help!


Do you do website and logo design?

YES! I love creating logos.


I can also design a website for you, but I'd rather coach you on how to do this for yourself. You will ultimately have to edit and manage it regularly. 

But if you are trying to get things rolling faster than that, I can certainly build you a great website or point you in the right direction to get template designs that are ready to go.


What does your personal branding coaching look like?

I meet with clients in person or over Zoom and cover a new marketing or personal branding topic once a week. 

Each session is 90-minutes and there are plenty of resources I share to make sure you are successful. 

There is even a private Facebook group for you to have a mastermind group to throw ideas out and get awesome feedback!

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