My everyday life revolves around young kids.  I’m a professional toddler wrangler, baby whisperer, tickler and laundress for five Stone men  (David is 7, Dylan is 5, Derek is 3, Drew is a newborn).  I love learning about things that interest me, take evening walks with whoever is willing to come, and like to stop and smell the flowers and check out the natural world around me. I live in Baton Rouge, LA and travel to beautiful locations for my clients.

My husband, Doug, and I met freshman year of college at Northern Illinois University where we were both music majors. We were married in 2005. I taught band for 8 years and stayed home with our children when David was born.

We moved from Chicago to Rochester, NY in 2009 for Doug to get a master’s degree in jazz performance and music education.  We lived in Rochester for 8 years, had our three children and relocated to Baton Rouge, LA when Doug accepted the position as Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at LSU in 2018. www.dougstonejazz.com

I have been passionate about pictures forever and enjoy the creativity and challenges I encounter with photography—it’s truly a blend of art and science. My creative flame has been rekindled learning the art of photography, marketing and client satisfaction.  

When working with people, I use prompts, jokes and actions to avoid looking posed but will also direct and guide you along the way so you look your best in your photos.  Your photo shoot should stand out as a memory of a great time together, one that captures the love and inspiration you have for your family or your business.

I photograph locations, landscapes, food and products for commercial clients.

Enough about me! Let's get in touch so I can hear about you!

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