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Baking for Business Personal Brand Photo Session

Amanda Schonberg is an award winning baker and business coach with students from all around the world looking to her for business success secrets. She is so willing to help and serve her community and it is my pleasure to showcase her recent personal branding photo shoot with me.

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Chef Schonberg was searching on google to find a brand photographer she could count on when she explored my website and decided that I was her gal! What a blessing to me! It isn't everyday you have a local influencer reach out to you! We talked and got all of Amanda's ideas worked out for her brand photo shoot so she could roll into her session cool and calm.

One of the most important things that sets your experience apart when you work with me is that I plan out your shoot in advance with as many details laid out that I can think of so that we capture exactly what you are looking for to represent your brand and business. We collaborate over a Pinterest board together and then I create a Branding Photo Styling Guide to keep us both on schedule and hit every scene and outfit change that we have planned out.

You get your guide prior to your shoot so you can pack up all the props, outfits and accessories. We both can be on our A-game when we meet.

For Amanda's brand photo session we brainstormed together to find the perfect place. I love using Perkins Rowe and she found a rent-able office location called Spaces that hit the nail on the head. This place had the absolute necessities for Amanda's vision; a kitchen, office space, living room spaces, and out on the town looks. We couldn't have found a better location!

You can never bring too many props, but I had to laugh when I brought a little plant for the desk and I got there to find it was pretty much a botanical garden!

The best part of the location was the place had more props that were pink and matched Amanda's brand theme than we both could have imagined! I loved flipping open this design book on a random shelf and finding a beautiful page to add into the image collection.

Please make sure and follow Amanda on Instagram @bakingforbusiness and @chefschonberg to show some love!

She has some really cute baker wear, too! Head over to her shop!

If you are ready to book your personal brand photo session get in touch and we will do a free consultation call ASAP! meaganstonephotography at gmail dot com.

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