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Personal Brand Photo Shoot: What To Wear

You want to look professional. You want to look polished. You want to stand out above the rest. You may just want to be seen and understood. You've booked your branding photo shoot and you are suddenly panicking about your clothes! Here are several tips to calm the panic. Hand holding starts now.

  1. Determine your skin tone and your skin undertone (yes, there is such a thing and it's important). The skin undertone explains why certain people look amazing wearing certain colors and metals and when you put them on, you don't look so hot. Here is a blog post to help you find your skin tone and undertone.

  2. Write down the colors that are recommended for your skin tone.

  3. Move on to clothing that compliments your body's shape. Read this excellent blog post from Stylecraze to figure out your body shape and what to wear with it!

  4. After scouring through your closet for what is recommended and finding only one or two things, treat yourself to some new clothes! You are spending enough money on your photo shoot, you might as well look and feel amazing.

  5. Take inventory of all the bling you can switch up with your outfits; jewelry, watch, scarves, glasses, hats, bags, shoes and belts. You can change your look in minutes by adding different outerwear or a hat without having a wardrobe change.

  6. Lay about 4-6 outfits on your bed, take pictures of them with different arrangements of jackets, scarves, etc. Put the pictures in a new album in your Photos app on your smartphone. Make sure you iron and hang your clothes so they are ready to go for the shoot!

Change of necklace and no glasses for a new look

The best thing you can do for yourself before your branding photo shoot is to pamper yourself.

Get a mani\pedi. Work with an esthetician like Trevon Dyson pictured here. She helps you get the healthiest skin before you ever apply any make-up!

Most importantly, remember that you are working with the best brand photographer in Baton Rouge and I will work some real magic for you! Beauty edits are my specialty. If you have concerns about your body in any way, I can work it out in post editing. You will shine!

Now what are you waiting for? Let's book your session.

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