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Define Your Brand Colors

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Let your brand shine with consistent colors, fonts, and themes across all websites, social media, and printed materials. Once you define your message and how you want to influence your ideal clients you can stick with a color palette that you can go to and never have to think about again!

Keep your color palette inspiration with you wherever you go: on your smart phone.

You will have decorating inspiration for your office space, shop and even your wardrobe!

My client, Dominique, had her brand colors ready to go for her photo session with me. She can take this picture with her and reference it when she is creating content for your blog, advertisements and social media content.

My client, Heather, has taken her brand color palette into every aspect of her business from her office decor through to her business name: Viva La Violet! She is a talented website designer and creates stunning work all while guiding her clients to create their own color palettes for their businesses.

Using a color palette for your personal life as well makes decorating a lot easier! The baby's nursery has been on my mind lately. 15 weeks to go!

We can dive into the psychology of brand colors together when we have our first brand photo session consultation. It is absolutely fascinating to me! Purple=luxury, Black=edgy and powerful, Blue=Trust, Orange=playful and friendly, etc.

Here are other brand color palettes for your inspiration.

Reb Godin, Artist

Let's take the energy and message of your business and create a color palette that inspires to you every time you get working!

Meagan Stone is a brand photographer in Baton Rouge, LA and works with small business owners to promote their businesses with professional photographic images. Email today to inquire about a brand photo session; lifestyle, products, and portraits.

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