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Baton Rouge | Capitol Park Photo Location

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

There is limitless potential to using the building and grounds surrounding the Louisiana State Capitol building for photographs! There are gardens, parking garages, architecture, stairwells, and trees! You can choose any style or all of them in one session. Here are some pictures I've taken there recently.

Headshot taken from the viewing deck of the 27th floor

fun wall for individual portraits

Surrounding park grounds and the Armory building have neat varieties of texture. The area mixes nature and an urban setting so you can get a wide variety of images in a one-stop photo shoot!

These last three pictures are for my son's Baptism invitation.

The inside of the State Capitol Building is also amazing and has dark marble walls in the main foyer. I haven't included nearly enough here to showcase the area but it is certainly a wonderful area to use (for free) to photograph portraits!!!

Get in touch if you are ready to book a family or brand photo session!

P.S. Here is the final invitation!!!

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