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Do-It-Yourself Brand Photo Tips

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I am a do-it-yourself type of girl until I realize I need a professional- then I call someone!

So, here are some photo tips to make sure you are capturing your brand theme as you move through your daily life with your cell phone camera. iPhoneography is a real thing!


1. Have a clear subject in your photo

2. Minimize distracting elements

3. The story is clearly defined

In this picture the woman is looking at her computer and happy with what she sees. There is very little on the desk and nothing on the walls. I would suggest removing the chair with the faux fur to further eliminate distractions (I took the picture) but other than that it is simple and focus is on her. She enjoys her work as a web designer and loves the color violet.


Natural daylight is your best friend when you are not a photographer. If you are indoors place your subject near a window and you will have lovely shadows enhancing the subject. If the light is too harsh and shadows too dark - place a white paper or cardboard to reflect the window light on the opposite side. If you want to darken things up move the subject further away from the window. You can also use a black cardboard paper to block light.

In outdoor situations look for a shaded area if working with people instead of direct sunlight so your subject doesn't squint. If it is an inanimate object just move it around until you are happy with the shadows and click!


Experiment with angles to create interesting pictures. Put your subject in one of the Rule of Thirds sections of your frame. My son's head is in the upper right area.


Think about your brand, your personality, your services or products you offer and be creative in expressing those colors and feelings in the pictures you take. Plan ahead of time. Use props that can speak to your clients and draw them closer to you in a more personal way. Creating a Pinterest Board of images you are trying to copy or cutting out magazine pictures are some of the best ways to produce the images you want on your own. Surround yourself with quality images and you will start to create similar ones!

And when you are ready to take the plunge, I'm right here waiting for you so we can get YOU in your brand images! Call me for a custom quote to take your business and reach to the next level with professional brand photography.

Meagan Stone is a brand and family photographer in the Baton Rouge, LA area. You can reach her at

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