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Your Personal Branding Photo Shoot

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I'd like to share with you 6 tips to have a successful branding photo shoot with me or any other photographer. If you do a lot of planning and visualizing ahead of time you will get the most out of your session.

Planning Your Image

1st- Planning Your Image

· Practice setting your hair style and the products you will use ahead of time: make note of how long it will last curled

· Plan layered outfits that are versatile and can be easily transformed with a change of jewelry, scarves, shoes and hand bags

· Have a practice run with a make-up artist or do your own make-up focusing on defining your eyes

Know Your Audience

2nd -Know Your Audience

· Be clear on who you are talking to and looking at in your pictures

· Visualize your ideal clients or audience

· Know where these people hand out: Facebook, Instagram, Blogs

Know How You Will Use Your Photographs

3rd- Know Exactly How You Will Use Your Photographs

· Will you be using them for marketing campaigns, blog posts, your website, Instagram and Facebook?

· Orientation will matter for your photographer to capture the perspectives

· How often will you be posting the pictures?

· When will you need another photo shoot?

What Is Your Photograph Style

4th- What Is Your Photograph Style?

· Create a Pinterest board of photos that you can share with your photographer

· Knowing your style will inspire you both on poses and locations

-Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration

Bring Props

5th- Bring Props

· A lot of props allow for a lot of variety in your pictures

· Notebooks, pens, magazines, food, drinks, electronic devices, pets, hats, personal brand products

Bring A Helper

6th- Bring a Helper

· Bring a person with you who can carry all your clothes and props

· You don’t want to be sweating from carrying a ton of things all over the place

· It will save time and help you stay organized

· You can give them a list of what outfits go with what props

· They can prepare food or drinks

· They can clean up! 😉

The images in this post are credited to photographers.

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