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Personal Branding - Not My Thing

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Well, it may not be your favorite entrepreneur's next business idea, BUT they need a photo session to increase their appeal to their ideal client. They might come up with a few (hundred) excuses why it is a waste of money to pay for a photo shoot of them doing what they do. So, they need YOU to make it happen for them!

Here is what you can tell them.

People want to know who they follow on Instagram. Personal branding is the modern way of marketing. You build a community around YOU (your brand) and you have people who are excited to support what you offer of your expertise. This audience wants the authentic YOU. They want to know the heart beat that ticks behind your business.

Followers want to hear your story. They want to be your friend. They want to connect with your heart. People now more than ever, need to connect in this turbulent world climate we all are navigating. And you just might have the answers or services or products to ease their burdens.

Your friend also needs to hear how import they are and that they deserve to have the best images of them out there working for them. Photo sessions sound scary but when you are with Meagan, you feel like you are having a fun day out with a friend.

Purchase a gift certificate for your favorite, deserving small business owner, blogger, or Influencer today!

Email Meagan for complete details at

Baton Rouge, LA | Brand Photographer |

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