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Brand Photo Session with Web Designer

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I had a fabulous time taking photos of web designer and Pinterest-expert, Heather Jones, from Viva La Violet. She has an impressive following on Pinterest and is based in Baton Rouge fairly close to me! I'm so glad we hooked up and wanted to share some awesome images from her session. I want to tell you about her goals and vision for her session to hopefully, give you some ideas for your brand photography session.

Viva La Violet, web designer from Baton Rouge, LA - elegant and thematic office captured by Meagan Stone, brand photographer.
Book shelf in office

Web designer in elegant office space

Heather likes her images bright and simple. She made this photo her signature photo head shot for her website and email responses. She wants to showcase her elegant office space and have images of herself for potential clients and blog posts to feel like they know her and her work before they even meet!


Where do entrepreneurs use these images? Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, websites and blogs. Images with captions are the leading way to gain reach and attention of potential clients. It's the modern way of advertisement and marketing. Pinterest is the leading search engine for attractive images attached to blog posts, websites, online stores, etc.

brand idea board image by meagan stone photography of baton rouge
Idea board


Brand idea boards are very helpful when keeping a cohesive theme to your brand. You gravitate toward these themes and your style stays thematic across different web and social platforms. You train your brain to look for the theme when you are not even intentionally thinking about it!

Heather was so pleased with her images and we had a great time. If you would like to schedule a session or get more information on planning your next brand photo shoot, please email Meagan Stone at or call 224-242-9481.

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