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Bloggers, You Need Me!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

You are invested in your blog. You think about it most of the time you are thinking! If you are taking your own pictures and you love them, that is absolutely awesome! I am so impressed! That leaves the element of your audience needing to see YOU in some of those photos!

Here is a gallery of pictures I took of Chef Jeremy preparing some Pico de Gallo in his home. Notice how the pictures of him preparing the food make it more personal and you really get a sense of his personality by the end when he takes a bite of this delicious condiment!

The best part of a brand photography experience for you is you don't have to wash your hands and grab the camera every step of the way! You can concentrate on the flow of creating what you are documenting. You don't have to have too many pots on the stove.

We can get away with capturing a ton of content with YOU in the pictures because of the time we will save! You will start to endear your audience to you and make greater connections with them right away.

Here is a video I made that Chef Jeremy is sharing with his coworkers along with the recipe. He is a hospital administrator and home chef. The video will be an amazing family heirloom for his children along with his book of recipes.

So, now that your mouth is watering, drop me an email and we can plan your brand session over some nachos and Pico! I also have his horchata recipe!

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