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Baton Rouge Brand Photo Session | Dominique Gordon

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I try to help my clients prepare as best as I can from my end when they are planning their brand photo session. These are topics I make sure we cover together:

1. What is the story you want your brand to tell?

2. What props, outfits, locations will help you tell that story?

3. Let's talk make-up, outfits, and poses that communicate your personality.

4. You must get your beauty sleep and be ready to have a good time the day of the shoot!

I was so glad that Dominique was SOOOOO organized! She brought everything she needed and more and had a portfolio of images she wanted to capture that we could recreate with her brand in mind.

Her assistant was super supportive (her mom) and was there to make everything go smoothly.

With all that said, the session went super smoothly! We took pictures for 2.5 hours, at 3 locations, and with 4 outfit changes. She was super satisfied with her images and can't wait to do it again!

Check out some of the photos from her session below.

When you are ready to personalize your business and have images that draw clients in contact me!

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