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Branding Photo Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Hey friends! I always love looking at Pinterest for inspiration so I'm filling up some blog posts to add to the many wonderful images of successful women around the world doing what they love and looking amazing while doing it! Please follow my Pinterest page and contribute to the boards I've curated for all things branding and business. I'd love to have your color palettes, Instagram tips, and helpful blogs in my community.

This mini-branding photo session features Christina, a trademark lawyer and school teacher. She wears many hats and my hat goes off to her for her success! The session was held at the Shaw Center in downtown Baton Rouge, LA. My husband has played gigs at the Manship theater there and was shocked that I was going to do a shoot there (no vision). He was twice as shocked when he saw Christina's stunning pictures! LOL

Drum roll please....... my favorite image!

Are you looking to get your feet wet with branding photography and think a mini-session would be perfect? Get some fresh images for profile pictures, business cards and social media in a 30-minute shoot! Or you are pretty sure you want to go all out and book a 2-hour branding session so we can make some content that will last a while!

Email me for a booking inquiry at

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