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Complete Photo Session Experience: from session to walls!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Let's be honest, most people are a nervous wreck when they are getting ready for a photo shoot with their families. It's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. You never know when the baby will fill his diaper, the grade school-er will pout, and the toddler will throw a tantrum. Let alone getting the outfits ready and on the little people and keeping them clean! And how is mom supposed to look amazing while dealing with a poopy diaper in a dress!?!?!

So, this leads me to tell you why I do in-person consultations and premieres. It is my job to help you in the planning meeting to select the shoot location, get the outfits picked, give you a session check list (everyone must be fed and rested, bring water and snacks, hairbrush, lipstick, etc) and help you visualize your family photos on your walls after all is said and done.

Photos and wall gallery designed by Meagan Stone

The process of getting professional pictures taken of you and your family is something to be excited about. I want to help you every step along the way so you can feel like a rock star and enjoy the experience with your family.

Meeting the photographer at the planning meeting is priceless. You have a chance to build trust, rapport, and get a sense of their personality and how they will be with your family. You will find yourself asking questions you didn't even know you had until you are in the conversation. It is my job to make sure there is no guesswork for you to do in getting ready. We plan the location, the time, the outfits, the props, and the style of poses you like.

canvas gallery in kitchen

We will also discuss how you want to display your photos in your home. Do you want a wall gallery above the fireplace or above the couch? Do you want each child's photo in their room or in a gallery in the hallway? Would you rather have an album on your coffee table? Maybe it's around the holiday and you are planning greeting cards or gift prints for grandparents. These are all very important things to consider and that is why I like to do it face to face!

I also find it super helpful to be a guest in your home for the planning meeting. I can gauge your decorating style and take pictures of your walls so I can show you virtual wall galleries. In your home, I also get a sense of your family dynamic so I can use appropriate prompts at the session. I can meet your children or whoever is home and start bonding with them, too.

After your session, about a week or so later, you are invited to view your family pictures for the first time at the gallery premiere at my home studio. This is a time for you and your husband to take have a date night, get a sitter, go out to dinner and then come over to the premiere. We will view your beautiful photos and select the best ones together for the wall art and products we already planned at the initial planning meeting. You will purchase your products that night and in a few weeks I hand deliver and install your wall art and print products.

This personal and customized service is a much more complete experience for you that will ensure you can enjoy the photo session with your family and cherish your family photographic art for years and generations to come! I am proud of this process and feel confident that it is the best practice for offering the best service to my clients.

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