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Using Canva to Create QR Codes

I have enjoyed using the Canva app on my iPhone and my Windows 10 desktop to create everything in digital or print. There are thousands of creative design options to use for anything you might want to create for business and personal use. From greeting cards to posters, fliers to brochures, Instagram posts to videos; you name it! It used to take me 4xs as long to make brochures or videos in my Adobe apps until Canva came around!

One thing that I use frequently is the little, but very helpful QR code generator. You've seen them everywhere. Soda bottle caps to shoe boxes. You might even be wearing one on the tag of your clothes. Every brand is just one click away from having you visit their website so you can become even more interested and loyal to their brand.

Hey, while you are here, try scanning the code above! Just get your phone camera out and hold it in front of your screen. You can enjoy some of my husband's jazz music.

I've created a video tutorial of how to create the QR code for you visual learners out there.

Canva does provide users with analytics for their QR codes, but only if the code is generated through Canva's paid Pro plan. With the free plan, users can still generate QR codes, but they won't be able to track how many times the code is scanned or where the scans are coming from.

You will find the QR code generator option on the left a ways down from the other design elements.

Highlight the URL for the web page you want people to land on. Press CTRL C to copy the URL and CTRL V to past it into the generator in Canva.

Save your code as a JPEG if you want the white background or as a PNG if you don't want a background. It's really nice to have it blend in with your brand colors.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful and please stop by my website to hook up with me for all your visual branding needs! I do everything from photography to graphic design and prints.

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